Technical Metal Fabricators, Inc. Tech Met Building

Technical Metal Fabricators Inc. is a high quality, precision. sheetmetal shop. We are constantly expanding while providing our customers with the best service at competitive prices. Our desire to grow encourages us to seek out companies and corporations where our services are needed. Our company was organized in 1963, under the name of Technical Metal Fabrication. In twenty-two years the company expanded six times, tripling in size. In 1978 we incorporated and changed our name to Technical Metal Fabricators Inc.

Technical Metal Fabricators Inc. takes pride in their work and has gained a reputation for precision quality and service.

Delivery Truck

We can provide our own delivery service to our customers. All plating, painting and screening is handled through reputable sub-contractors. Thorough inspection takes place twice, once before sub-contracting and again before delivery to the customer.

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    PO Box 317, 134 Uxbridge Road, Mendon, MA 01756
Telephone: 508 473-2223